Orangefield Flute Band

Orangefield Flute Band started off as Ballinran Flute Band with William Hanna and John Edgar playing the lambeg drums named “The Pride” and “The Conquer” and Henry McDowell playing the fife. It was formed by Ballinran L.O.L. 564 in the early 1900s.

In the early days the band met in different locations but finally settled at the farm of the Forsythe family whose home was named “Orangefield House”. During this time the band increased in numbers and was renamed Orangefield Flute Band. The band and lodge moved from there to a new purposed built Orange Hall in 1934. The band continues to lead the Lodge in all its outings right up to the present day.

The band have evolved over they years and moved to more modern wooden flutes in the 1940s. Around this time Beddoe Hanna took leadership of the band and it progressed over the years to playing simple part music.

The first uniforms for the band were purchased in June 1961, these were replaced in 1984 and the current uniforms were purchased in June 2004.

Beddoe Hanna continued as bandmaster for many years until his untimely death in 1973. Thanks to his son Tommy and another member, Alan Scott taking over, the band always met its commitments and continued to make progress.

The band has competed in competitions with vary degrees of success since 1990.

The band upgraded its instruments to silver concert flutes in 1993 at a cost of almost £30,000. Special mention has to go to Sammy Forsythe, who was treasurer of the band at the time and who was responsible for spearheading the drive to raise this large amount of money.

Special tribute to Sam Newell who conducted the band from 1990 to 1996, and who left the band because he felt called to became a Presbyterian Church. After Sam left other helped out for a couple of year including Uel Faulkner and Brian Berry. The band ceased to contest after that for a number of years during which time the Chairman, Raymond Hanna filled in by taking rehearsals until their new conductor Alan Trimble was appointed in 2009.

Alan has taken the band forward during which time it has taken part in many parades, concerts and contest. In 2015, the band released its first CD.

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