Frederick Joyce

Frederick Joyce became Drum Major of the 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards from Private on 29th December 1880. Changed with Avis, 3rd Bn, when 2nd Bn went to Egypt. May later have been of the 7th Royal Fusiliers Militia.

He wrote for several publishers including Potter’s and Boosey and Hawkes, his music includes:

Ardrahan, Beaufort, La Belle, Biconeger, Bird of Paradise (Piccolo Solo), British Honour, The Bronze Star, Bugleunion (for bugle), Call to Arms, Cambridge, Camperdown, The Chimes (Waltz), Colchester, Congratulations, Constance (Troop), Cross Guns, Crown Messenger, Crusader, Bettingen, Donalda, Dovecourt, Empress, Esplanade, Gharial, Gipsy King, Goodbye Sweetheart, Lucknow, Lucy Tania, Quebec, Quetta, Moonshire, Ramillies, Rawal Pindi, Skylark (Piccolo Solo), Sons of the Empire, Sparkling (polkas), Star of Cuba, Trocadero, Warwick.

Compiled by Major (Ret’d) R. Powell.

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