George McFadden

George was the registration secretary of the N.I.B.A. and contest manager of the Flute Band League later the Flute Band Association of Northern Ireland.

He and his brother Robin followed in their father’s footsteps in the ranks of Corcrain Flute Band and he held practically every position with the Portadown band including that of treasurer.

Ill-heath caused an early retirement from playing, but while his talents as a player were missed, his talents as an organiser were soon to become a big benefit to the N.I.B.A. and the F.B.L.

His first contest organisation has been with the Corcrain contests from 1974-79. In 1970 he was elected to the Flute Band League Committee and when they created the post of contest manager in 1984, George was appointed to what was more or less an executive post as all contest problems were left to his decisions without even having to refer to his committee, it goes without saying that his work had been carried out in a fair and thorough manner.

As registration secretary of the N.I.B.A., he seldom heard a band at the annual championship, his job of checking the registrations keeping him in the background.

One job however, which George carried out put him before an audience of millions! It was when he introduced a Corcrain octet on the “Opportunity Knocks” television show.

Sadly, George died in December 2018 and is missed greatly throughout the Flute Band world.

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