Hermann L Blankenburg

Born in Thamsbreck 1876, died in Wesel 1956 (both Germany) an outstanding and prolific march composer (quite possibly some 1350 marches) though they understandably vary in the approval gained.

He was expected to succeed his father in managing a sheep farm but, aged 10, was to be found conducting his school orchestra, having taught himself the fife (remained his favourite instrument) bassoon, tuba & violin. Regarded as of “no promise” by one teacher, he found himself playing tuba in the Field Artillery Regiment No.6 in Breslau; retired briefly, married, conducted but rural dance bands, dithered between 43 Artillery Regiment Band and the police, was arrested by military police for deserting his family, remarried and was re-arrested this time for bigamy.

Understood to have been a forceful conductor “who imprinted his own personal style on the orchestra”.

March “Flying Eagle” by H.L. Blankenburg
Played by The Combined Corps of Drums of the Household Division

His music includes: Action Front, Entry of the Gladiators, Flying Eagle, Gladiator’s Farewell, My Congratulations, On Guard!, Peace and Liberty – and clearly, much besides.

Compiled by Major (Ret’d) R. Powell

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