Old Newspaper Cuttings

The late John Robinson who conducted Killymoon Flute band but originally played the piccolo in Stewartstown Amateur Flute Band.

Pride of Ballinran Flute Band who took part in the 1990 Flute Band League Contest.

Castledawson Amateur Flute Band celebrating their 75th Anniversary back in 2001.

Ballyrashane Flute Band leading Elijah RBP 99 at the Last Saturday Parade in Coleraine, August 2004.

Ballymacarrett Defenders Flute Band wins at the 1995 International Bands Festival in Limerick. Printed in East Belfast News, April 1995.

After the massacre at Darkley Mission Hall were 3 church goers were murdered by the INLA, he wrote a Sacred March called “Church Lane” in memory of those who died.

Joe Simpson & Lord Carson Memorial Flute Band. Printed December 1986.

Lord Londonderry’s Own Church Lads Brigade Flute Band, 1936

Donaghadee Flute Band, 1933

Ballywalter Flute Band, July 1998

Ballywalter Flute Band, July 2000

Members of Ballygowan Flute Band who played in the T.A. Band meeting Her Majesty The Queen Mother.

Ballyclare Victoria Flute Band, 1977

Ballyclare Victoria Flute Band, 1989

Ballyclare Victoria Flute Band, 1953

Ballyclare Victoria Flute Band, 1932

Ballyclare Victoria Flute Band Drum Corps, 1960

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