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The Fifers’ Cave has a vast collection of Flute Band Marches. We reckon we have up to 2000 pieces of music composed or arranged for Flute Bands and Corps of Drums.

Firstly, we would like to thank Mr Phil Williams who purchased the Potter’s Music Collection and copyright back in 2011. He contact us back in 2016 and wanted us to take the music and copyright and store all here in Northern Ireland.

William Douglas JP

Secondly, our friend the late William Douglas from the Boveva Flute Band near Dungiven willed his collection of Music to Mr Alvin Mullan Jnr, the collection is by far the biggest we store with over 1500 marches alone.

We also have a collection of music which belonged to the late William (Billy) Dunwoody MBE who was the conductor of several flute bands but best known for conducting the 39th (Old Boys’) Flute Band in Belfast, he was the man who got Sir James Galway onto playing the flute.

You can download as much music as you can want for free. The website is not a money making site but it costs money to run the website like paying for the domain name etc. If you would like to send a donation towards the up keep please send to our PayPal account.

You can choose from either donating £10, £20 or £30.

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